What Is A Real Estate Appraisal?

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What is a real estate appraisal you ask? When somebody gets one done they’re basically having their home or property valued at the going market rate. The appraiser will inspect the property or home and then give it a monetary value. This is done when people are planning to sell their house or property and would like to know what a fair asking price would be. However, some people also get the home valued for other things such as insurance, divorce, tax, loan, and investment purposes.

Each property is unique even though many of them will be valued at the same price. This is usually because of a place’s location and what kind of shape it’s in. In most places around the world the real estate appraisal will have to be carried out by as certified or licensed professional and it will be written on a standard form. However, each country will have its own standards and methods to follow.

Even though the appraiser will attach a market value to a home, you can still sell it for whatever you feel like. If it’s appraised at $300,000 there’s no reason you can’t ask for more. If you get more is another kettle of fish though. You may even get less than the so-called market value. There’s not really any connection between the actual price a property is sold for and its value.

In America, the appraisal may give you the market value along with foreclosure, fair market, distressed sale, and investment values. Of course, the value of a house can fluctuate quite a bit depending upon certain economical factors, such as mortgage and interest rates and the general state of the economy. There could be other factors too. For instance bad neighbors could cause your property value to decrease.

If your neighbors don’t take care of their dwelling and land then it will generally reflect in the worth of your unit. This is why most areas have bylaws that state what people can and cannot have located on their land or grow on it. However, the items and furniture you have in your home don’t affect the value of it. These are removable items that aren’t considered permanent fixtures.

You may also be wondering what is a real estate appraisal worth. It all depends on the region you live in and what the bylaws, rules, and regulations are. But you will have to pay to have one performed usually, unless a licensed agent offers to do it for free if you use him or her to sell your home for you. Remember, this process is different than an inspection.

Most reports include information on the property as well as similar ones. The real estate market in the area is taken into consideration as is the type of area the house is located in. There are two basic appraisal methods for residential dwellings. These are the sales comparison and cost approaches. A comparison method means the house is compared to similar ones in the region.

The cost method usually takes into consideration new places as the cost of the homes is easier to nail down. An appraiser will estimate how much it would cost to replace the home if it was destroyed. An appraisal comes in handy when you’re trying to borrow money as the property will likely be used as collateral.

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