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Founded by an appraiser with over 20 years of residential valuation experience, Avisso’s network of certified appraisers are part of a business that understands the traits of good appraisers.

Using the best technology, our network system offers our appraisers a constant stream of valuation projects allowing them to increase revenue. We are loyal to our members and offer many benefits to those that achieve a high rating amongst our clientele. To become part of our network please register by clicking on the link below.

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Characteristics of a good appraiser

Avisso prides itself on having only the best and the brightest appraisers as part of our network. Here are some of the characteristics that we look for in our network members

Knowledge of the most current regulations

It is important that each of our appraisers follow the most current guidelines, resulting in reports that are error free and consistent with rules & regulations.

A foundation of business ethics

An appraisers good name is always at stake. A good appraiser values ethical behavior above all other priorities leading to a good reputation and satisfied client.

Ability to recognize and value complex properties.

Often as appraisers we are faced with challenges with properties that do not align with comparables. Being able to research and look for new ways to create valuations for these types of dwellings is a valuable attribute.

For more information on becoming part of our appraiser network please contact us at anytime and we would be more than happy to answer your questions and reply to any comments that you may have.