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This communication was sent to Direct FannieMae Vendors (REO Appraisal Vendors) and covers a number of important instructions required for properly submitting REO appraisals. Please read it carefully and retain it for your reference.

DOM / CDOM / Subdivision Name
The new UAD format does not provide fields for Days On Market and Cumulative Days On Market (DOM/CDOM) nor the name of the Subdivision, which we request for comparables.

Effective immediately, enter DOM/CDOM and Subdivision Name on two of the blank rows near the bottom of the comp grid:


Days On Market is the number of days since the last price change. Cumulative Days On Market is the number of days since the property was listed. When entering this information, use whole numbers separated by a slash, using no spaces. (As if you were typing a fraction.)


30/100 = OK vs. 30-100 = Rejected (did not use slash)
30/180 = OK vs. 30 / 180 = Rejected (inserted spaces)

On the next line, write “Subdivision Name” and enter the name of the subdivision, if applicable.

Effective Age (Yrs) and Actual Age UAD instructs that if the age of the property is not known, then you are to estimate the age and use the tilde character (~), typically located left of the number 1 key, to show the date is approximate. This may cause a “Draft Not Acceptable” error within AppraisalPort. Please alert us via AppraisalPort if this error occurs, and we will accept the case.

For both Effective Age (Yrs) and Actual Age, enter a whole number (no decimal places) representing number of years.


20 = OK vs. 19.5 = Rejected
~20 = OK vs. Approx 20 = Rejected

Remodeling and Renovations
Only include remodeling and renovation costs when there is extensive damage that will require many repairs where making these improvements in the process makes sense. Otherwise, Do NOT include these costs in your repair estimates which should include repairs needed to bring the property up to a typical condition for the neighborhood.

Additional Photos
Positive and negative external influences around the property may impact the estimate of value. To ensure all external influences are accurately documented, our new order letter will now require the following additional pictures:

  • Picture of what is behind the subject and directly across the street
  • A street scene view both directions and for a corner lot all 4 directions
  • Aerial view of the subject and the surrounding structures for a few streets either direction
  • Any external influences and any positive or negative impact on value should be addressed in the appraisal.

UAD Photos
Include enough pictures to support the subject property condition rating with a special focus on bathrooms, kitchen and other improvements.

New Order Letter
We will soon be implementing a new Order Letter. The new letter is more streamlined, and intended to provide you with the key points and tips to complete your assignment according to Fannie Mae process and format.


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